Sightseeing Around Our Hotel

Enoshima Island

The area across Shonan Beach that continues from Katase to Kugenuma is a representative scenic seashore sightseeing spot in Japan. As a leading bathing beach in the Tokyo metropolitan area, as a scenic area with rich nature and history, or as a mecca of marine sports, the area is familiar to a number of people. In Enoshima Island which plays a central role, Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden and Enoshima Observation Deck (current name: Enoshima Sea Candle) opened in 2003 and Enoshima Aquarium opened after renovation in 2004.  
[Enoshima Observation Deck]
Fujisawa Station -> About 11 min. by Enoden -> About 25 min. by walk from Enoshima Station
Fujisawa Station -> About 7 min. by Odakyu Enoshima Line -> About 20 min. by walk from Katase-Enoshima Station


The official name of Eboshi-iwa Rock, which is a symbol of Chigasaki and repeatedly appears in the familiar songs about Shonan is Ubajima. The birth of Eboshi-iwa Rock is said to be 12 million years ago and the surrounding geological layers are the oldest in Chigasaki. Sandstone layers and volcanic ash layers form a streak pattern, and it is said to be the one that the accumulated geological layers were heaved. The areas surrounding Eboshi-iwa Rock are rock reefs that have been the best fishing grounds since the old days, and there is a story that in the Edo period, a conflict on the fishing grounds between the fishermen in Izu and the fishermen in local Kowada occurred and in this regard, a village headman in Kowada remembered that there was a poet Sagami naru Kowada ga ura no Ubajima wa tare wo matsuyara hitorine wo suru (Ubajima in the bay of Kowada in Sagami seems to be waiting for someone and sleeps alone) written by Konoe something who was a court noble in Kyoto while he was traveling east from Kyoto and insisted that Ubajima was Kowada's territory using the strip of paper and won the conflict. There is a monument inscribed with the poem in Kumano-jinja Shrine in Kowada, so if the opportunity arises, please visit there.  
[Eboshi-iwa Rock (Southern Beach Chigasaki)]
Fujisawa Station -> About 7 minutes by local train on the Tokaido Main Line -> About 20 minutes by walking from Chigasaki Station and about 10 minutes by bus on Line 37 from the south exit and get off at Kaisuiyokujo-mae


Kamakura, which is rich in nature surrounded by mountains and ocean, is the place that people never get tired of no matter how many times they visit. There are many temples and shrines where you can enjoy flowers in all four seasons and in particular, during the seasons of hydrangea and autumnal leaves, a wonderful view spreads in front of you. Spending extraordinary time such as seated meditation, sutra copying/tracing a picture of a Buddhist image, etc., would become the memory you would never forget. Of course, do not forget to pray for fulfillment in love, improvement of your luck on work/economic fortune. In Kamakura, there are many well-established and long-established restaurants that serve delicious food. Why don't you find your favorite restaurant and sightseeing spots and walk around Kamakura!  
[Tsuruoka Hachiman-gu Shrine]
Fujisawa Station -> 34 minutes by Enoden -> Kamakura Station
Fujisawa Station -> Transfer at Ofuna Station on Tokaido Main Line/about 10 minutes on Yokosuka Line (excluding the transfer time) -> Kamakura Station and about 10 minutes by walking from Kamakura Station


Enoden, with its history of over 100 years, is one of the few trains that still has the remnants at the time of its inauguration. In contrast to streetcars in each city, its cars are more like a train and Enoden runs as two- to four-car trains. You can enjoy various tastes according to the train section and this is the reason why Enoden is popular among travelers. The area around Gokuraku-ji Temple is in the mountains where the train goes through tunnels and you can enjoy deep green and seasonal flowers in the ancient capital Kamakura. In the coastal sections, the train runs on a long coastal railroad passing seaside houses in Inamuragasaki and Shichirigahama and in the area around Koshigoe, you can see a small fishing port.  
Railroad between Fujisawa Station and Kamakura Station: 10 km long and 34 min.

Enoden Free Pass

There is a free pass called Noriorikun and if you would like to enjoy sightseeing, this pass ticket will be reasonable as you can get on and off the train many times. Besides, if you have Noriorikun, you can receive a discount service at the restaurants, shops, hotels, and the aquarium in the Kamakura and Shonan districts. Enoden is now corresponding to Pasmo and Suica as is the case with each private railway. Noriorikun is especially recommended to those who want to enjoy the all-station stamp rally. Our hotel also has a reasonable Noriorikun Plan.